Global Insurance Solutions Group


Global Insurance Solutions Group, as an independent partner to professional advisers, has more than 50 years experience providing comprehensive life insurance based estate and business planning solutions for affluent individuals and corporations in the United States and internationally.

The goal is efficient wealth protection and transfer using compliant, tax advantaged tools in a secure confidential environment. As a regular service provider to banks and other institutions, we are committed to the highest levels of data security and discretion as the planning process evolves from discovery through implementation.

Privacy, protection against cyber-security exposures, and a commitment to confidentiality are built into all of our processes.

As a member of one of the largest life insurance distribution organizations in the U.S., we have an extraordinary selection of carriers, products, and underwriting philosophies. We take a very conservative approach when considering the introduction of new carriers and products and perform extensive due diligence prior to integrating them to our platform.

Our in-house underwriting team has more than 25 years experience facilitating clients through the underwriting process. We are committed to a standard of underwriting professionalism that is enhanced by rigorous continuing education and professional accreditation. Our underwriting technology is state of the art using a paperless environment to provide immediate and secure transfers of information to carriers. Each case is put though a rigorous evaluation process to identify potential medical, financial and/or capacity issues up-front. This approach enables us to secure the best underwriting offer available for your client.

Through strategic alliances, we have access to specialty legal, tax, and accounting expertise in both domestic and international marketplaces. These relationships enhance the deep subject matter expertise already present with our in-house staff.

The bespoke nature of our approach results in a uniquely crafted plan that is meticulously designed and frequently monitored as we continuously review the dynamic global economic and regulatory environment.