| May 21, 2020

Paramedical exams and specimens have been an integral part of the underwriting process since all of us entered the business. We have all told clients that insurance labs are key because they test for drugs, nicotine and many other items not included in typical clinical labs. Currently, the client and paramedical personnel are reluctant to interact and risk potential COVID exposure. Result is client gets one more reason to delay the sale and your commission. You want the sale and the insurance carrier wants enough current medical information to make an informed underwriting decision – Enter LabPiQture from Exam One.

LabPiQture secures clinical laboratory requisitions and test results for procedures performed over the last seven years by Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. The report also identifies the practitioner that ordered the test. The ICD diagnosis codes are included so the carrier can see exactly why every test was ordered. Labs that a client has performed for their physician(s) will typically not include specialized insurance tests such as nicotine, alcohol markers, tumor markers etc. but these reports have other advantages from the carrier point of view:

• Increased sales with removal of paramedical exam objection
• Regular HIPPA is sufficient - No special authorization or client involvement needed
• Report is electronic and available immediately
• Practitioners are identified. Carrier can see what specialists are being consulted and cross check with admitted history.
• Diagnosis codes are listed. Carrier can cross check medical history with client admissions.
• Provides seven years of results so carrier can view trends over time and period of control of a condition.
• Based on the frequency of testing, a carrier can intimate compliance with medical advice.
• Availability of reports is high since Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp perform most of the testing in the US.

The advantage from the advisor point of view is increased ability to avoid the delays and objections associated with paramedical exams.

Please contact me if you have any questions. We appreciate your business.

Bill McGrory
Global Insurance Solutions Group
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