New Year's Resolution

| January 12, 2017


Today is January 12.  We are now twelve days into your client’s new year’s resolutions.   One of the more common resolutions is to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.  How are your clients going?   Are they still going to the gym?  Nearly have of all Americans make New year’s resolutions but research shows that only about 8% achieve their goals.   However, this percentage is on the rise with the growing popularity of wearable technology.   Are your clients still wearing the Fitbit or other fitness tracker they received as a gift?   Next week I will show you how they can use that data to help secure a favorable underwriting outcome.  There are many other uses of wearable technology that I will discuss over the coming weeks.  For example, were you aware that the shoulder pads of every NFL player contain a chip that transmits their exact location and speed to sensors placed around the stadium?  Stay tuned.    

Our resolution this year is to continue to provide you with information and ideas to assist you with your practice.  Over the past few months, we provided blogs which addressed underwriting issues such as the treatment of marijuana, the opioid epidemic, and the value of special needs trusts.  We have also made dramatic improvements in our website.  I invite you to visit where you will find articles, videos and client presentations which address the current tax, planning and insurance issues we face on a regular basis.  The content is constantly being updated and designed to be educational to you as well as your client.

Contact me and allow me to draw on my sales and underwriting experience to advocate for your client.  I can be reached at 800-426-6848 ext. 121