Our Process

As a collaborator with key professional advisers, the role for Global Insurance Solutions Group continues well beyond the initial planning process.

We work with you in the method and manner that fits your practice and your clients. We are an independent, value-added partner with depth of knowledge, long term carrier relationships, and expertise assisting advisors and their high net worth clients. Global Insurance has the capabilities to provide innovative plan designs to optimize insurance choices to best meet goals.

The dynamic nature of a global economy and regulatory environment demands that all aspects of a plan be regularly monitored. This is no less true for the insurance component. Our role is to constantly identify economic trends and legal and regulatory changes to evaluate the potential impact on current strategies and, where necessary, recommend changes in consultation with the client and their advisers.

We are especially sensitive to the fiduciary responsibility that attaches to client advisers and trustees. Responding to those needs, GISG maintains a rigorous platform for ongoing policy management evaluating performance as both an asset and as an integral part of the client’s long term plan. The financial stability and service standards of product providers is monitored and matched for compliance with institutional requirements.

Our expertise for foreign national clients is further augmented by a trilingual staff, deep understanding and continual monitoring of country of origin tax and regulatory issues and rigid adherence to solicitation guidelines in both the U.S. and in the client’s country of residence.

For all clients we offer the highest level of concierge service to facilitate the acquisition of insurance products to execute the planning process. The GISG underwriting team has more than 25 years of experience facilitating sophisticated clients through the underwriting maze. Product availability bridges both domestic and offshore providers with capacity to $200M USD. Our alliances within the insurance industry position us to provide a comprehensive array of products and medical and financial underwriting solution through a wide variety of insurance companies.