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You may wish to print out these instructions before attempting to complete the registration process.

1. Click on the “WinflexWeb” link above to begin the registration process.

2. Since this is your first visit, click on the “Register Now” link under New Users on the left hand menu.

3. Enter your profile information on the User Registration form (Note that the red arrows denote required fields.)

4. Click the “Complete Registration” button at the bottom of the User Registration form.

5. You will immediately receive an email from WinflexWebAdmin containing your temporary password. Before continuing the registration process, you must access your email to obtain this temporary password. Enter the password from the email in the appropriate field.

6. Where it asks for your new password, enter a new password and confirm it in the second box. (You will not need to enter your username and password again to access WinflexWeb-you will automatically be able login once you login to the Brokers Insurance website.)

7. After you click on “Continue” you will see a message that says that your password has been successfully changed.

8. Click on “WinflexWeb” button to access the software.

9. You may be asked to install a “Java Plug in” for your browser. Follow the on-line instructions for doing this.

10. Each subsequent time you access WinflexWeb from the Brokers Insurance Web Site, the link will take you directly to the illustration software and you will NOT be required to enter your password again.